Cawaja weeHouse

Ontario, Canada

January 3, 2013

Two modules, one horizontal and one vertical, make up this unique weeHouse. At 1200SF, it was designed as a prefab weeHouse prototype using 14′ wide modules that are easily transported. A basement foundation links the separate buildings, while the separate modules complement each other while maintaining their individuality. Privacy and heating efficiency is gained by being able to live-in and/or close-off either module. Built outside of Toronto, this 3 BR, 2 Bath structure is a four-season home used by extended family members year-round. It features stained pine “Corncrib” siding as well as oxidized copper green-painted cementitious “Container” siding. Red pine interiors with copper painted walls, IKEA cabinets, and storefront glazing on Andersen windows complete the esthetic.

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